Boeing 737 Type Rating.

“If it’s not Boeing, I ain’t going”- whether you are a Boeing fanboy or not, you probably have seen this tag attached to the flight bags of several Airline pilots who just love flying their 737s. And if you are a CPL holder, fresh out of the flight school and also a Boeing fanatic, well congratulations. There's no better time to get type rated on the B737, for getting a step ahead, in your journey to become an Airline pilot and finally fly the machine of your dream. The B737 is one of the oldest and most popular narrow-bodied commercial airliner in the world, giving tough competition to its rival A320, in terms of sales. Currently, there is a total of 550 unfulfilled orders for this particular family of aircraft all over the world.
While in India, there are currently four major airlines operating a total of 100 B737 family aircraft, recently two major airlines placed a huge order of 72 and 100- B737s, valued at 9 billion dollars and 12 billion dollars respectively, to start their operations within the country, in the coming years. With India being projected as the world’s largest civil aviation market by 2030 and with such a huge order underway, getting a B737 type rating should be the absolute choice for moving ahead in your career, after receiving your Commercial Pilot License.

We Offer the B737 Type Rating in accordance With DGCA regulations
The B737 Type Rating is inclusive Of MCC + JOC

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation Course - For a commercial airliner, every pilot must be proficient in Multi-crew Cooperation(MCC). They have to know their part for the phase of flight- be its normal procedures and operations or dealing with abnormal and emergency operations. The Multi-Crew Cooperation course will bring you up to skill with basic concepts of Airline flying, like teamwork, decision making, use of checklists and mutual support, while giving you a look into the daily life of Airline Pilots. The Multi-Crew Cooperation training is carried out on the B737 Fixed Base Simulator to help you achieve a realistic understanding of aircraft systems and piloting dynamics.

Jet Orientation Course -The Jet Orientation Course is the perfect training program to provide a smooth transition, from piston-engine experience during your CPL flying to Jet engine operations, required during Airline flying. Jet engines have their characteristics and the course will develop your understanding, handling skills and awareness of the jet environment. Most renowned airlines around the world consider the Jet orientation course as a mandatory requirement for their selection criteria.

Here, at, we provide the industry’s one of the most advanced and cost-conscious Type rating programmes, aided with Class C and Class D level (best standard) full-flight simulators(FFS), to ensure that our cadets always get the best. We as an organization, partner with Type rating centres, that train our pilots using the latest computer-based tools, advanced simulation techniques and knowledgeable instructors (former and current Airline Pilots). Being managed by Airline pilots, our organization’s motto isn’t just pushing you through the B737 type rating course for the sake of getting a B737 type rating certificate, but making you future-ready for an Airline cockpit, after you get type rated. Here, at, we take pride in offering an Airline standard programme, while still keeping your B737 type rating cost super affordable.

Minimum Requirements

Flight Time- 70 hours as a Pilot-in-command(PIC) of an aeroplane.

English language proficiency- ICAO Level 4

License- valid CPL(ATPL theory) or ATPL Issued by DGCA of India

Ratings- Valid Multi-engine(ME) and Instrument Rating(IR)

Physical status- Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate



Course Content

Theoretical Sessions



Theoretical training for B737Type Rating + JOC + MCC will consist of 110 traininghours covering the listed topics. All ground-based theory sessions will be aided by Computer-based training (CBTs) and detailed PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) for better understanding.

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • MCC/JOC Training
  • Pre-flight Inspection Traning
  • Cockpit Procedure Traning (CPT)
  • Calculation of obstacle Clearance
  • Limitation
  • Mass and Balance Calculation
  • AFM Performance
  • Opration Procedure Traning

Simulator Sessions

Flight based simulator sessions consist of 67 hours on the Boeing 737 NG FBS/ FFS. Each Full Flight Simulator (FFS) session comprises 4 hours of flight training, between a crew of 2 pilots and is divided between pilot flying and pilot monitoring. A Minimum Period of eleven days is required for this part of training.

  • 12 hours of FBS Training
  • 55 hours of FFS Training

A briefing starts an hour before each full flight session, whereas a debriefing takes place for an hour after each session.

Additional Service

*Course Fees is Inclusive of additional Services



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