Air India Cadet Pilot Program

Embark on your Aviation journey to the skies with the Air India Cadet Pilot Programme.

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Minimum Requirements



Must be a citizen of India or OCI



Shall demonstrate good command of written and spoken English



High School Education Certificate ( National Institute of Open Schooling is also accepted) with 60% in 10+2 including 60% marks in each of the following subjects English, Mathematics & Physics



Age eligibility: 18 to 30 years


Well Being

Candidates should be in good physical and mental health.



Candidates will be required to clear a medical test (DGCA Class 1 Medical) prior to starting flight training.

Air India Cadet Pilot Program Selection Process

The selection spreads over 4 phases as listed below


Application & Screening

  • Meet Minimum requirements

  • Apply online

  • Educational marksheet, verification & check for meeting minimum percentage


Pilot Aptitude Test

  • Attention

  • Numerical

  • Spatial

  • Memory

  • Dexterity

  • Logical Thinking


Group Discussion

  • Group dynamics

  • Logical approach

  • Collaborative approach

  • Ability to distinguish yourself


Personal Interview

  • Aviation knowledge

  • Principles of Flight

  • Current Aviation affairs

  • Enthusiasm for Aviation and Flying

Stage 1

Application & Screening

The Air India Cadet Pilot Program begins with candidates ensuring they meet the minimum requirements, including age and educational qualifications. Applicants then apply online, providing detailed information about their academic background and work experience, if any. The application includes an assessment of educational marksheets to verify minimum percentage criteria.

Stage 2

Pilot Aptitude Test

The Pilot Aptitude Test for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program assesses several key attributes essential for aviation. Candidates are evaluated on their attention to detail, numerical reasoning abilities, spatial awareness, memory retention, dexterity, and logical thinking skills. These tests are meticulously designed to gauge how candidates process and respond to information under pressure, crucial for safe and effective piloting.

Stage 3

Group Discussion

The Group Discussion stage in the Air India Cadet Pilot Program assesses candidates on various facets essential for effective team interaction and decision-making. This stage also offers opportunities for individuals to distinguish themselves by showcasing their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and the capability to positively influence group outcomes, crucial qualities for aspiring pilots in a dynamic aviation environment.

Stage 4

Personal Interview

The personal interview for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program is a crucial and final step in the selection process, designed to evaluate candidates on various fronts. Prospective cadets are expected to demonstrate a solid foundation in aviation knowledge, including a thorough understanding of the principles of flight. Interviewers will assess awareness of current aviation affairs, emphasizing the importance of staying updated with industry developments and regulations. Furthermore, the panel looks for a genuine enthusiasm for aviation and flying, seeking individuals who are passionate about their career choice and dedicated to continuous learning and excellence in the field.

Welcome to the Air India Cadet Pilot Program

1. Onboarding

The onboarding of Air India Cadets into the program is a comprehensive process where cadets receive essential information and resources. They are provided with detailed course guidelines, agreements outlining their commitments, and a set of rules and regulations to ensure discipline and safety. Additionally, a course timeline is shared, outlining key milestones and expectations. This thorough orientation ensures cadets are well-prepared and informed as they embark on their training journey.

2. Clearing DGCA exams

Clearing DGCA ExamsFor a span of 4 months, all cadets will undergo rigorous ground training with highly qualified instructors of Cadets are to clear 3 DGCA Exams, namely - Air Navigation, Air Regulations, Air Meteorology. And RTR exam conducted by WPC, India.Upon successfully clearing all the above exams, Cadets will be signed off for their Flight Training Stage

3. Flight Training

During the "Flight Training" phase, Air India Cadets train at designated Flight Schools, where they undertake rigorous training to accumulate the required flying hours. This phase includes intensive practical training, oral exams, and flight tests to ensure proficiency. Cadets work towards earning their Pilot licenses, mastering various flight maneuvers, and honing their aviation skills. This comprehensive training phase is crucial for developing the expertise and confidence needed for a successful pilot career.

4. License conversion

In this phase, Air India Cadets undergo conversion flying at dedicated flight schools in India. This phase is essential for converting their foreign pilot's license to an Indian DGCA license. Cadets complete specific flight training requirements and assessments to meet the standards set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). This process ensures they are fully qualified and compliant with Indian aviation regulations, enabling them to operate as commercial pilots in India.

5. Type Rating

In this phase, Air India Cadets receive specialized training to become certified on the Airbus A320. This phase involves intensive simulator sessions and classroom instruction to familiarize cadets with the specific systems and operations of the A320. Successfully completing this training qualifies them to fly this aircraft model for Air India. The Type Rating ensures that cadets possess the necessary skills and knowledge to operate the A320 safely and efficiently in commercial service.

6. Induction into Air India

Congratulations Cadets, you have successfully completed the rigorous course of training, and are finally about to enter the world of Airline Flying. Upon clearing several stages of interviews with Air India, Cadets will be inducted into the airline and start their airline journey with Air India.

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